Justin Bieber Illegally Drives Spyder Bike on Sidewalk

Bieber's Bum
Justin Bieber exposes his behind at the beach in Spain.
Justin Bieber is pulling some risky moves on his Can Am Spyder bike.

The singer was on his bike in Los Angeles on Thursday when he decided to drive on the sidewalk! In a video posted to TMZ, you can see Justin riding the bike on the sidewalk and then he nearly misses hitting pedestrians, including an elderly woman! Yikes!

Justin’s getting really fond of that bike. We showed you a video yesterday of Justin riding around LA with his on-again girlfriend, Selena Gomez.

It’s definitely not the time for Justin to be goofing off, he’s currently on probation for that egg throwing incident and can’t get into any trouble with the law. Fingers crossed Justin learns to stay off the sidewalk!

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