Kristen Bell Surprises ‘Frozen’ Sing-A-Long Audience in Hollywood

Beloved spy girl might be resurrected online.
Leave it to Kristen Bell to give your audience a once in a lifetime experience and you’ll be in good hands.

That’s exactly what Disney did for the kick off of it’s Frozen Sing-A-Long experience in Hollywood over the weekend and the results are nothing short of magical.

Through September 7th, Disney’s iconic El Capitan Theatre in Hollywood is hosting the family friendly screenings of last years animated hit and Kristen popped in on Friday for the very first screening.

Of course, the actress formerly known as Veronica Mars starred as Anna in the flick, which, less than a year after its release, has already cemented its spot in the pop culture rolodex forever.

Long story short, if you live in or around Los Angeles, hit up every “special” movie screening ever in the hopes of catching a glimpse of the people who keep the Hollywood machine running.