VIDEO: Iggy Azalea Falls Off Stage During Pre-VMA Performance of ‘Fancy’

Watch Iggy Azalea's Pre-Fame Music Video.
Iggy Azalea got a little too fancy on Friday night, falling right off the stage during a performance of her mega-hit “Fancy” and there’s video to prove it.

Azalea was right in the middle of her set during a pre-VMA concert in Hollywood and apparently lost sight of the stages edge. Horrifyingly, she fell right off, but jumped back like nothing had happened at all.

Of course her security rushed to her side almost instantly, but Iggy, being the pro that she is, went right on with her set the second she was on her feet again.

Check out all of the photos from the show in the gallery above, which also included appearances from Rita Ora and Charli XCX.

And fear not Iggy, because falling during performances is almost a right of least it was for Lady Gaga.