2014 MTV VMAs: Worst Dressed

Unfortunately, with the good, there’s undoubtedly going to be some bad… And for some reason the Video Music Awards tend to be that one awards show where celebs not only choose bad, they choose really bad.

As I explained before, leather and sparkles seemed to be the trend tonight at the VMAs… And while we saw some celebrities pull those styles off flawlessly, others really missed the mark.

Amber Rose decoded to show up naked, with a few strands of diamonds covering her lady parts, while Taylor Swifts stylist failed to mention her romper gave her a massive camel toe.

Now, look, I’m in no place to bash these celebs as they’ve had their fair share of better fashion moments moments… But tonight just wasn’t one of them!

Launch the gallery above to see who we picked for our list of worst dressed at tonight’s MTV VMAs.

Who would you put on the list of worst dressed?  Sound off in the comments below!