VIDEO: Watch Olivia Wilde Dump Iced Breast Milk on Herself for ALS

Benedict Cumberbatch supports the nude.
You’ve got to admit, people are getting really creative when it comes to thinking outside the box for the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. Olivia Wilde just took that idea and ran with it though, producing one of the more out-there ice dumps yet.

There aren’t even words for this story. You really just need to watch the video and see this mess for yourself. it even possible for a new mom to pump that much milk overnight?

Whether or not it’s actually breast milk in that giant bucket will probably remain a mystery forever, but we’re just hoping that Olivia’s newborn Otis didn’t go hungry in the name of an awesome viral video.

Anyway, the clock is ticking Prince. We’ll be waiting patiently over here for you to provide your moment of ice cold hilarity.