Matt Damon Does Ice Bucket Challenge With Toilet Water

Ben's Challenge
Ben Affleck enlists wife Jennifer Garner in his Ice Bucket Challenge.
Shirtless Ice Bucket
This is how David Beckham completed the ALS challenge.
Leave it to humanitarian Matt Damon to raise awareness for more than one important cause while taking the #ALS Ice Bucket Challenge.

The Elysium actor, nominated by famous friends Ben Affleck and Jimmy Kimmel, was initially conflicted about wasting clean water, even for such a good cause.

But the 43-year-old True Grit star saw an opportunity to raise awareness for another charity close to his heart.

Damon, who co-founded to provide clean water to some of the 780 million people who have no access to an improved water source, decided to use toilet water to complete his ice bucket challenge.

Gross, right?

In fact, according to Damon, “the water in our toilets in the west is actually cleaner than the water that most people in the developing world have access to.”

Check it out below. Also, Matt nominated his “favorite actor.” Who do you think that is?