‘Nashville’ Creator Callie Khouri Talks Season 3 Premiere, Hayden Panettiere’s Pregnancy

Hayden in Bridal Gowns
Hayden Panettiere models wedding dresses.
Nashville’s third season is premiering soon and we can’t wait to see what’s up next on the show!

This weekend we had the chance to talk to the show’s creator, Callie Khouri, as she was honored by the National Women’s History Museum and Glamour Magazine at the Women Making History event in Los Angeles. Callie was honored alongside actress Sophia Bush and International Speedway Corporation’s CEO Lesa France Kennedy. Callie talked to us about the big honor and gave us some serious Nashville scoop! Want to know if Hayden Panettiere’s pregnancy will be included on the show next season? Check out the interview below!

At the big event this weekend, we were able to ask Callie how it felt to be among the honorees. Plus, she talked to us about being presented the award by Geena Davis, with whom she worked on Thelma & Louise with. Callie told us, “It’s absolutely thrilling. Just to get the chance to get together with Geena is fantastic, I was so happy about that, anytime I get to see her. We’re both really busy, so years go by sometimes without us laying eyes on each other, so this is very nice.” Aw!

With Nashville’s third season coming up shortly we had to know what we can expect! Callie told us, “I can tell you that our first episode is going to be live music segments. So we’ll be going live twice, once West Coast and once East coast. It’s going to be really fun, we’ve got a great season planned.” How cool!

So, will Hayden’s pregnancy be written into the show? Yes! Callie revealed, “It’s in. It was already in, it was conveniently a part of our story.” We can’t wait to watch!

Be sure to check out Nashville when it returns to ABC on Sept. 24!