Pre-Emmy’s Fashion: Stars Stun on the 'Entertainment Weekly' and 'Variety' Red Carpets

Emmys 2014: Best Dressed
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The Emmy's did not disappoint when it came to amazing fashion statements last night... And while I absolutely loved seeing all the red carpets styles, I've also been obsessing over all the ensembles that hit the pre-Emmy’s red carpets over the weekend.

Celebs brought their fashion A-game during both Entertainment Weekly’s party as well as Variety’s Women in Film party on Saturday night.

From Selena Gomez to Lea Michele to the ladies of Orange is the New Black, we got to see some serious style stunners.  Celebs were rocking two-piece suits, jumpers and shorts, plunging necklines and lots of crop tops—All very daring choices, which definitely foreshadowed the bold choices we saw last night!

Launch the gallery above to see more photos from the pre-Emmy’s weekend!



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