Attention: Zachary Quinto Could Be Naked for ‘Girls’ Guest Spot

Lena Does 'SNL'
Getting naked and other things Lena Dunham did on 'Saturday Night Live.'
A shirtless Zachary Quinto is always a good thing. (Click here for a reminder).

So we should not be surprised that the latest chatter surrounding his guest spot on the upcoming season of Girls concerns a whole lotta skin.

“I mean, it’s Girls, so you can assume what you will . . . I also want to see him naked — that’s all you need to know for now,” show creator and star Lena Dunham told E! News at the Emmys on Monday.

“I can tell you nothing except that he is as amazing on screen as he is off,” she continued with the tease. “He is so much fun to work with and the minute that camera is on he’s an actor with such a gift and such a gift for comedy.”

Quinto is just one of the many guest stars expected to show up on the HBO series’ new season. Natasha Lyonne, Gillian Jacobs and Jason Ritter will also have guest roles.

Girls Season 4 will premiere in January 2015.