That Time Nicki Minaj and Drake Shopped for Snacks

Oops: Nicki's VMAs
Did Nicki Minaj suffer a wardrobe malfunction at the VMAs?
When Drake says he’s paying, you better stock up — on snacks.

That’s exactly what Nicki Minaj did when she did a little aisle shopping with Drizzy during a break from a music video shoot.

Nicki’s splurging included a bag of Cheez-Its and something Drake claims will shave “a good six months off your life.”

The music video is of course Nicki’s new collaboration with Usher, “She Came to Give It To You,” which the pair performed at the VMAs on Sunday.

Watch Nicki and Drake’s mini shopping trip, above. And watch Nicki and Usher’s new music video below.