Watch Jimmy Kimmel Live’s Guillermo Drink and Rub Mustaches with Julianna Margulies, Bryan Cranston and Other Emmy Winners

Jimmy Kimmel 'Cooks'
Watch Gordon Ramsay order Jimmy Kimmel around for scrambled eggs.
Let’s face it. Guillermo is the best thing about Jimmy Kimmel Live.

Which is why I’d like to bring your attention to the bit Guillermo filmed during Monday’s Emmys.

Jimmy Kimmel’s sidekick played a little game of “Back-To-Back” with the likes of Julianna Margulies, Bryan Cranston, Aaron Paul, Stephen Colbert and Sarah Silverman.

The little boys from Modern Family were also there.

Highlights include Guillermo having shots of alcohol with the legal Emmy winners, a massage session with Margulies and a mustache rub fest with Cranston.

Watch it all go down, above.