Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield Spotted Together at the 2014 Venice Film Festival

Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield sighting!

Photographers just spotted the adorable couple in Venice, Italy on Aug. 28. Emma and Andrew are both in town to promote films at the 2014 Venice Film Festival, but even with their busy schedules they still managed to spend some time together. Check out the gallery to see all of the extremely cute photos of Emma and Andrew!

We told you yesterday, Emma's at the festival to promote her new film Birdman. While Andrew's at the festival to promote his new film 99 Homes. You can see a clip from Andrew's film HERE!

Emma and Andrew are definitely one of our favorite Hollywood couples! We can't get enough of these pictures of the pair linking arms while walking together in Venice! Take a look at the gallery to see the sweet photos!

After you scroll through the gallery, let us know your thoughts! Do you like Emma and Andrew together? Sound off in the comments!



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