EXCLUSIVE: Watch Out, Drake! Austin Mahone is After Rihanna

As you may know, Austin Mahone joined big names like Drake and Lil Wayne on CashMoney records a little over a year ago… But that isn’t stopping him from trying to come up on Drake’s girl!

Yes, just like every other dude on the planet, the 18-year-old singer is totally crushing on Rihanna, and even went as far as asking her out on a date!

In an exclusive interview with CELEBUZZ, we played a little game of Truth or Dare with Mahone as a part of the new 5 Gum Truth or Dare Challenge, and he revealed: if he could kiss anyone in the world, it would be Bad Gal RiRi.  So of course we dared him to ask her out on a date, and he did… But left all of us up to our imaginations when it came to where he’d take her and what they’d do (wink wink).

However, while Austin may be trying to steal his girl, he has the utmost respect for Drake.  In fact, the “Trophies” rapper is the one person Austin is really hoping to work with in the future.

As for the song they’d collaborate on? One with a sexy, “slow vibe,” according to Austin.

Launch the video to see the full interview and watch the little cutie ask Rihanna on a date!