Kim Kardashian: I Really Want to Have a Son

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Kim Kardashian has kids on the brain again, especially when it comes to a bouncing baby boy.

In a new preview for Keeping Up With the Kardashians, North West's mama tells her gal pals about her plans to have a son during her bridal shower. Explaining that she "definitely" wants expand her brood with Kanye West, Kardashian gushes that she wouldn't mind adding a little testosterone into the mix.

"I think I want to have another one," she says to family friend Malika Haqq. "If it's a girl, I'll definitely go for a boy. If it's a boy, I might be done."

"I kind of hope it's another girl and then they'll be two BFFs. And then I'll have a boy," she continues.

On a previous episode of her reality show, Kardashian told her grandmother, Mary Jo Shannon, that she'll "probably be pregnant" very soon. Earlier this year, the mom-of-one said that she doesn't think she'll have more than three children.

"I don’t think I can do more than three tops. That would be my absolute top top tops," she told Ryan Seacrest on his KIIS FM show. "I even contemplate should North be an only child? But then I contemplate all the … fun experiences I had [with my siblings], so I might have to tough it out."



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  • graciesgoldstar

    liar liar she hardly even cares for her daughter the nannies do most of the work and she hated being pregnant the first time. gender is a 50/50 shot each time and determined by the fathers sperm not the mother egg all babies start out as girls and remain so unless the sperm deposits a Y chromosome xx is female XY is male. for example Eleanor Trimmier Woodward Carter had a son Wade Woodward III October 24th 1924 and a Daughter Joanne February 27th 1930 while Joanne had all girls Eleanor 4/8/1959 Melissa 9/27/1961 & Claire April 21st 1965 and Melissa had two boys Peter born May 18th 1996 and Henry born July 25th 1998 similar to her paternal Grandmother Theresa Newman who had Arthur Jr January 22nd 1924 and her dad Paul January 26th 1925