Lena Dunham Does NOT Wake Up Like Beyonce

Lena on Nudity
Lena Dunham wants you to get over her naked body.
Despite what you may believe about yourself, you probably don’t wake up like Beyoncé, like, ever… Which is why we’re loving everything about Lena Dunham’s latest selfie.

Leave it to the Girls star to show the world what it means to be a real person rather than some facade of a pop Queen everyone else in the industry thinks they are.  (Don’t you know we can’t all be Beyonce?!)

Dunham took to Instagram early this morning to show exactly how she woke up, which is far from ***FLAWLESS and all the more perfect.

“Is this what Beyonce was singing about?” She captioned the photo, adding, “Also pretty depressing that this look isn’t even fueled by one ounce of alcohol.”


Her Friday selfie was followed by the hilarious Tweet above, which we couldn’t help but giggle about… And maybe (just maybe) kind of agree with! LOL.

Despite her many fashion faux pas and the fact that she’s not your average actress, the girl has one kick ass sense of humor that overshadows all of it and makes her one of our favorite people in the world.  You gotta love her!

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