Mary-Kate Olsen Like You’ve Never Seen Her Before, Riding a Horse

The Olsen Twins
Take a look at the sisters through the years.
Mary-Kate Olsen is quite the equestrian! The 28-year-old twin was spotted competing in the 39th Annual Hampton Classic Horse Show in Bridgehampton, New York on Aug. 28!

So, how did Mary-Kate do? Read below to find out! Plus, check out the gallery to see Mary-Kate in competition mode!

We don’t usually see Mary-Kate out at events like this, so these pictures were definitely a surprise to us! It turns out, Mary-Kate didn’t have a great run at the event. TMZ is reporting that Mary-Kate’s horse named Uniek refused to jump during one of her events, leaving her with a score of zero. But, Mary-Kate did end up getting another horse named Swagger to compete in the other events!

It doesn’t look like Mary-Kate’s twin, Ashley Olsen, was at the show, but we’re sure she’s proud of her sister! Take a look at all of the photos to see Mary-Kate in action!

After you scroll through the photos, let us know what you think! Did you know about Mary-Kate’s horseback riding skills? Sound off in the comments!