The Hottest Celebrity Skin Pics of the Week – 8.30.14

Miley Strips Down
Miley Cyrus takes it off for V magazine.
Hold up. Miley Cyrus did another magazine shoot nude? – say it isn’t so!

Just Kidding, as if any of us were surprised. But I gotta admit with a body like that, I wouldn’t mind showing it off either!

As summer is coming to a close, the swimsuit season is coming to end…however, luckily for us, summer never really ends in California so we still have some time before the celebs start to pack it away.

That being said, the last official weekend of summer is upon us and all of our favorite stars are soaking up the sun as much as they possibly can before it’s “Fall” again and only slightly unacceptable to be at the beach.

From Kim Kardashian and the Jenner Girls cooling off in the water, to Hugh Jackman chillin in an infinity pool in Singapore, to Gwyneth Paltrow stripping down for her own personal Ice Bucket Challenge, these stars are letting it all hang out.

Launch the gallery above for the full collection of these sexy snaps grabbed from their Instagram’s and Twitter feeds – you won’t regret it.