Changing Times and Scandal Fill the First ‘Downton Abbey’ Season 5 Trailer

The cast of 'Downton Abbey' embraces their photo mishap.
Can it be January already?!?

Although the hit series doesn’t return stateside until after the new year, we’re getting our first look at the upcoming fifth season of Downton Abbey and it’s a good one.

To borrow the wisdom of Mrs. Hughes, “Downton is catching up with the times we live in.” And for a show that has lived in a world of etiquette and class, those times include love triangles, sex scandals and a whole lot of passive aggressive it were.

From Jimmy being caught in bed with an upstairs guest to the continuing, and ever increasing, efforts from Lady Mary’s various suitors, it really does like like the bar has been set very high for the Crawleys and their staff.

Oh and even though she agrees that servants are people too, albeit only on their days off, the Dowager Countess, Maggie Smith, appears to have recovered and returned to tip top shape.

Downton Abbey returns to PBS on January 5th, 2015.