Frankie Grande Made Some Really Inappropriate Rape Jokes on the ‘Big Brother’ Live Feeds

Oh, brother. When are reality contestants going to realize that their every moves are being filmed? Better yet, when will Big Brother contestants learn that their every move is being watched in real time on the internet?!?

Frankie Grande is about to learn that lesson the hard way, as he’s just seriously crossed the line with another contestant on CBS’s hit summer competition series.

In a moment he’ll surely regret, Frankie, who just so happens to be the older brother to Ariana Grande, made some very crass comments, along with several really vulgar gestures, about two of his comrades taking the “virginities” of fellow ‘BB’ contestant Victoria Rafaeli.

Although she wasn’t present for the conversation herself, Victoria’s mother reached out to TMZ to voice their outrage with Franke’s comments.

“I want Frankie to imagine people saying this stuff about his sister and see if he thinks it’s funny” said Lizabeth Rafaeli before demanding an apology from Franke. TMZ also notes that Lizabeth feels that, because of their lack of intervention, Big Brother producers are responsible for any danger her daughter may be in.

Normally very vocal about her brothers time on the show, Ariana has yet to address the latest scandal involving her brother.