Happy Labor Day! Enjoy These 43 Celebrities in White Bikinis

Kim's Bikini Tips
How to look good and feel great in a bikini, according to Kim.
Although we love Labor Day because we get a day off and finally the opportunity to enjoy the last little bit of summer, we also hate it because it ends our obsession with all things white–pants, skirts, tops and even bikinis.

After Labor Day, we’re told to put away our white ensembles and get ready for darker, fall colors to prepare for the cooler months ahead.  While we may be sad about saying goodbye to our favorite pair of white jeans for the next six months, we’re even more sad about something else…

The end of bikini season.

Now whether or not you, in particular, love or hate hopping into your bikini throughout summer, there’s no doubt that we all love taking a gander through celebrities in bikinis here and there (or all the time. No judgement here).

So, in honor of the end of two eras (wearing white and bikini season), we’ve gathered all the celebrities we can think of, from Kylie Jenner and  Lea Michele, Rihanna and Kim Kardashian.

Launch the gallery above to have a little look for youself (come on, no one’s watching)!