And Now, a Video of a Ram Taking Down a Drone

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If you own a drone and you know how to use it, do not stick it in an angry animal’s face.

YouTube user Buddhanz1 is back with another ram video. This time, it features a quadcopter drone getting a little bit too close to the animal.

“I was looking for the angry ram with my fpv quadcopter, I got a bit close & he managed to hit it knocking it into a bush, luckily no harm done,” Buddhanz1 wrote in the video description. “When I went to retrieve it he followed me, I had my hands full so he got me pretty good.”

Past ram videos have included Angry Ram vs. Rider, Angry Ram vs. Subaru and Angry Ram vs. Cameraman after getting a haircut.

Watch it all go down, below.

[h/t Gawker]