Kaley Cuoco Addresses Hacked Nudes With “Topless” Photo of Her Own

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Jennifer Lawrence and others respond to invasion of privacy.
Kaley Cuoco, who was one out of the many female celebrities to have their privacy invaded when hackers stole personal and intimate photos from their smartphones and hard drives via Apple’s iCloud, is choosing to address the leaked nudes scandal in her own cheeky way.

Amid news that the likes of Jennifer Lawrence and Kate Upton have had their naked photos posted online by hackers without consent, the Big Bang Theory star has taken to her own Instagram to share the one photo that all curious folks have been frantically scouring the internet for in the last 24 hours: her topless snapshot.

“What a fun day that was, frolicking with my hubs on the beaches of Mexico! Feels like we forgot something?” Cuoco writes alongside the Photoshopped pic.

Previously, actresses Kristen DunstMary Elizabeth Winstead, and Becca Tobin all said that their own private photos were stolen from them. Reps for Lawrence and Upton also confirmed that nudes of the two stars were leaked to the public without permission, stating that legal actions will be taken against those who violated their respective clients’ privacy. Most recently, former Nickelodeon starlet Victoria Justice admitted that there was legitimacy to the pictures of her posted online.

In all, a poster on 4chan, where the NSFW photos first surfaced, named over 100 female celebrities whose alleged nudes are in the hackers’ possession.