Jennifer Lawrence’s Possible Legal Snag in Celebrity Leaked Photos and Hacking Scandal

Nudes Leak Responses
Jennifer Lawrence and others respond to invasion of privacy.
While many websites have taken down naked photos of Jennifer Lawrence and 100 other celebrities, including supermodel Kate Upton and actress Victoria Justice, which were published on Sunday night do to the threat of legal action, some websites aren’t budging.

While copyright complaints apparently prompted the removal of the image from sharing site and rendered links on the social networking site Reddit inoperable in what experts call an online version of “whack-a-mole” that will never fully scrub the intimate photos of Oscar winner Jennifer Lawrence and other stars from the internet.

TMZ points out that a legal technicality may dispute the copyright of the non-selfie photos which were leaked online.

Because some of the photos are not selfies, the person who actually took those photos would most likely hold the copyright. Remember the famous Ellen DeGeneres Oscar selfie? Bradley Cooper actually owns the rights to the pic since he took the photo.

One website is demanding proof of Jennifer’s copyright, or the name of the person who snapped the shots before they agree to take the photos down.

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