Some People Are Saying Kylie Jenner Got a Lip Job

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Did Kylie Lie?
Another driver claims Kim's little sis isn't being truthful.
Kylie Denies It
The young reality star has denied getting plastic surgery in the past.
Kylie Jenner likes to cause some Kardashian Khaos.

First, she dyes her hair blue, much to the chagrin of bride-to-be/big sister Kim Kardashian. Then, she posts a photo that appears to show a new gun tattoo on her torso (the pic was quickly deleted). Now, she has fans wondering if she hasn’t perhaps gotten a little help in the lip plumping department.

A 17th birthday gift from momager Kris Jenner perhaps?

In the photos above, Kylie is seen in 2010 (L) and just recently at the DuJour Magazine party last month (R). The photo that has some peeps scratching their virtual heads however, is this closeup shot she shared on her Instagram account yesterday (September 2nd).

Sans lipstick and heavy eyeliner, her lips do look rather full.

Remember when Kim said her swollen mouth was due to pregnancy?

Anyway, I digress.

Do you think Kylie sprouted a new pout during her pubescent years? Or did she get a little help from the ‘family doctor’?