Happy 33rd Birthday, Beyonce!

Bey Z's United Front
Beyonce posts family photo amid split rumors.

Today marks the 33rd Annual BeyDay… A.K.A. Beyoncé’s 33rd birthday… A.K.A. The only day that we care more about than Christmas (or Hanukkah, for our Jewish friends).

This woman is the Queen of all Queens and the Goddess of all Gods. She is our favorite person in the world and she is ***FLAWLESS.

Not to mention, her relationship with Jay Z—despite all those divorce and cheating rumors—is basically the epitome of any relationship we could ever hope to have. Two of the most powerful people in the world marrying and creating one of the fiercest kids in the world (if you don’t believe us just check out Blue Ivy at the VMAs).

So in honor of BeyDay, we’ve created a gallery of Bey-Z’s cutest moments. Please do Beyonce justice on her 33rd birthday and scroll through them in the gallery above.