Who Needs a Stylist When You’re Married to Kanye West?

It’s so obvious that Kanye West dresses Kim Kardashian, which is, on the one hand, very impressive, and on the other, also a little bit, like… Kim already has a momager (portmanteau of mom and manager), so does she really need a womager (portmanteau of West and momager)? Whatever works, though. Like today’s winning captions. They work.

“Wait let me pop this last one” – Steph

“Kim Ima let you finish your walk but first let me fix ya dress” – Claudia

“B*tch, I spent money on this and you wanting to drag it on the ground, psh you are somethin else.” – Lyndsey

“Dropped a piece of your ass babe I better pick it up before another rapper or football player gets it.” – Zac

“I dropped my diamonds b*tch! Watch yo step” – Kane

“I got a smudge on my shoe let me wipe it right quick” – Lia

“Kanye is finally down to earth..” – Paul

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