Friday Fashion Flashback: Let’s Look at Jennifer Lawrence in Clothes

Nudes Leak Responses
Jennifer Lawrence and others respond to invasion of privacy.
This week has certainly been quite the clusterfuck with all the leaked nude photos… And while I’ll admit I couldn’t help myself from taking a peek, I do feel sympathy for those girls.

Not only are they constantly in the public eye, but now everyone is looking at them, knowing exactly what’s going on underneath all those layers of clothing… and spanx.

Jennifer Lawrence was easily the most shocking person of the bunch, and I’d say the no.1 celeb the media primarily focused on throughout the whole ordeal.

So, why not make light of a rough situation and instead of gazing at her illegally leaked nudes, take a look at some of J. Law’s best clothed moments throughout her time in the spotlight?

I know you’ll likely be scrolling through and envisioning her goodies, but hey! At least we tried…

Launch the gallery above to see J. Law’s full fashion evolution!