NYFW Spring ’15: Parke & Ronen Brings All the Boys (and Their Swim Trunks) to the Yard

The Shirtless Bunch
A look back at the best shirtless celebrities of 2014 (so far).
The best time of the year is here.

New York Fashion week officially kicked off on Thursday and Celebuzz was on hand for all the action at Parke & Ronen’s Spring 2015 presentation.

From tropical prints to loungewear fit for a man with a boat (of any size, really), the runway triggered spectators to whisper things like “I’m expecting Jessica Rabbit to come out any second” and “Are we getting martinis for this?” (Said spectators included Alan Cumming, Tyson Beckford and fellow model Brian Shimansky.

I spoke to the designers and real-life partners Parke Lutter and Ronen Jehezkel before the show at Industria Superstudio:

Celebuzz: What’s the inspiration behind Spring 2015?

Parke Lutter: The collection is inspired actually by the character in The Talented Mr. Ripley — the character of Dickie Greenleaf, the Jude Law character in the movie. We just kind of liked the idea of this sort of archetypal wasp fantasy of this very easy-going, self-fulfilling playboy. Just living the life of leisure, escaping from it all and spending the summer in the Italian Riviera.

CB: Was there anything that didn’t make the cut for this collection?

Ronen Jehezkel: The collection is usually so big that in the end of every show, I’m like, “Damn, that should’ve made it.” We try to keep the bars up and strong for the seven minutes of the show. But it’s only 36, 37 looks. Actually we added one more look at the last, last minute. But it must work.

CB: Are there any looks that you think are making a comeback next spring?

PL: Prints. Prints prints prints. It’s obviously something, coming from the big swimwear base that we do, that’s what we spend a lot of time developing. This year I think, it’s translating across all of men’s fashion, there’s a lot of florals coming back. For years, it was like, “Florals are dead to me!” This year, you have everything from small scale to retrofitted, Hawaiian stuff. We’ve focused on a couple of vintage prints and retooled those in our own studio to get something a little bit more modern with a vintage feel.

CB: Which celebrity do you think has the best beach body?

PL: For the really big guy there’s Joe Manganiello, I don’t know if I’m saying it right. But all you need to do is get a picture of that. That’s fitness. That’s huge. Literally . . . I’m blanking out right now. All I can think about is Joan Rivers right now — not in a bikini.

RJ: No, Joan Rivers, no. So sad . . . Franco, John Franco? James Franco. He’s naked everywhere. I think James Franco’s hot. What’s the name of the actor, from Girls? The boyfriend?

PL: Adam Driver.

RJ: I would loooove to see him in a bikini.

CB: What about the ladies?

PL: He’s going to kill me for saying this but, I’m a J. Lo fan. I mean, she’s Miami, she’s got her look, she knows her brand and sells it and she looks amazing.

RJ: I think Mariah [Carey].

PL: In a bikini?

RJ: Why not?

CB: You’re not Kim Kardashian fans?

PL: You know, if you don’t have anything nice to say . . .

CB: OK getting back to the show. Do you have any pre-show rituals?

RJ: Champagne.

PL: We usually have champagne. We’re pretty relaxed. We have a great team and we have a great cast. We like to talk to people like you. We’ve got friends and family, just chilling out. We try to stay calm. I let the people whose job it is to worry, worry and usually they solve it before we have to worry about it.

RJ: I think the whole fashion show, it’s only the last, I would say 20 minutes before the show starts, and then the show itself — that’s the only time I will skip a beat in my heart. But otherwise it’s so well organized and there are so many great people involved. We’ve done this seven times already.

PL: The biggest problem is when it’s over. It goes so fast. I always go, “Is that it?”

RJ: I think the moment that I hate is when the music starts. Because I know in seven minutes it’s going to be over.

CB: This is only day one of New York Fashion Week. What else are you looking forward to?

RJ: Enough, forget about it! I want martinis. I want to be on the beach. I want to chill out.

PL: We have a post-show tradition where we usually show on Thursday or Friday and then we get out of town for the weekend and just put our feet up. Check our Instagram feed. You get [NYFW] coming to you.

RJ: Usually because we show on Friday, we stay to see Son Jung Wan. The Korean designer. I love her. We’ll see her show and then we’ll leave for the beach.

PL: We’ll go see shows of friends, our friends who work on shows. We’ll go out and try to support them if we can. But it gets to a point where we’re just like, I just can’t even put a sentence together anymore so let’s get out of town and have rosé on the beach.

RJ: And I want a martini.

[Lead photos courtesy of Getty Images]