Rita Ora Doesn’t Give a S**t What You Think of Her

Harry Styles spotted out with Rita Ora in London.
But we all know that Rita Ora probably does care what we think of her.

In an interview with the Evening Standard, singer Rita Ora talks about people’s opinions of her, her career and even Calvin Harris.

On what people think of her: She tells me I can ask “what the f— I like.” She doesn’t “give two sh-ts about anyone’s opinion. This is who I am. Eat it.”

On her career: “When I started I was only 17. I was overwhelmed with the power of men in the industry and the thinking that you have to fulfil somebody’s image. Obviously I love my record label. [My first album] was an amazing success but I wasn’t completely satisfied because I’d listened to a lot of men. I accepted tracks [they wanted] because, you know, it was a ‘legendary writer’ or something. This time, I feel more comfortable in my skin. I’m 23 and I’ve experienced a bit more. I’ve actually had fights about tracks that were not being approved by the label. Now I’m like, ‘I don’t care who wrote it’. And when someone says, ‘no this isn’t right,’ I say, ‘no this is f—ing right because it’s my album. That’s me being brutally honest.”

On her feud with her ex Calvin Harris: “Obviously the obvious happened. We broke up. But ‘I’ll Never Let You Down’ was made in such an honest space, even after we went our separate ways. It still represents what I was doing when I created it with him. It was a lovely summer song. It was the first time I’d written something really honest without anybody else’s input. Just his. It felt really liberating. But the songs that we did together didn’t make sense musically with the album because we did them a while ago.”

On feminism: “That’s the perfect description. I am a woman, I’m outspoken and I support other females. I love what men do in the world but women have equal power.”

Last night (September 04, 2014) Rita attended her Adidas Collection launch party at Mode Club and was spotted leaving the party with her boyfriend Richard Hilfiger. Launch the gallery above to see more photos of Rita and Richard.