Watch: Beyonce Prepares for the VMAs, Celebrates with Jay Z and Blue Ivy

Beyonce & Jay Z
The couple attended the 2014 Met Gala.
Remember that time Beyonce slayed at the 2014 MTV Video Music Awards? Yeah, well now we’re getting a closer look at her amazing performance!

Beyonce posted this video to her Facebook page with the caption, “Flashback Friday! A behind the scenes look at the weeks leading up to the 2014 MTV VMAs.” The video shows Beyonce and her dancers preparing for the VMAs and then it shows everyone celebrating after the performance! There’s even a cute moment with Beyonce, Jay Z, and Blue Ivy that you need to see!

A lot of hard work goes into preparing for the VMAs. In the video, Beyonce shows us how she gets ready to take the stage!

After dominating her performance, we see Beyonce walking to her dressing room with her husband and daughter. We even get to hear Blue Ivy talk!

Take a look at the video to see all of the exclusive moments. After you watch, let us know your thoughts! How cute is Blue Ivy? Sound off in the comments!