Blake Lively Covers ‘Fashion’ Magazine, Talks New Movie ‘Age of Adaline’

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Blake Lively stuns in new Gucci fragrance commercial
Blake Lively is back in the acting game!

After taking a break post-Gossip Girl in 2012, Blake’s back in business with her new film Age of Adaline. The gorgeous actress covers Fashion’s October cover and dishes all about her acting break and reveals why she couldn’t turn down this new movie.

2012 was a big year for Blake, she got married to actor Ryan Reynolds, wrapped filming on Gossip Girl, and began her break from acting. Blake took time to relax with her husband and started working on her website, Preserve.

Blake also spent a lot of time baking, one of her favorite pastimes. It turns out, Blake’s mom is the inspiration for her baking. She revealed to Fashion, “She just created a whole life, a personality out of this thing. It was very much art and a celebration, and it made every holiday so special. I would be so proud when she would bring them into my class, and all of the kids in school would just freak out. She would let other kids help decorate too. And I suffer from the opposite, I’m very precious about it, it has to be perfect.”

Blake’s returning to the big screen in 2015 with Age of Adaline, a movie about a girl who stops aging after an accident. This movie had Blake hooked and she just couldn’t pass up. She revealed to Fashion, ““I really wanted some time to myself and to focus on other things that I loved, so that when I did it again I would be really re-invigorated. And it took a movie that I really couldn’t say ‘no’ to, you know, because there’s plenty that I would have done, but it was really important to have that time. So when I read that one, I said, ‘I can’t not be in this movie, I have to do this movie.’”

You can catch Age of Adaline in theaters on Jan. 23, 2015!

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Plus, you can read Blake’s entire interview with Fashion when the issue debuts on Sept. 15!