Breakout Star Michael Malarkey Spills ‘Vampire Diaries’ Secrets, Gives Details on His New Music

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The first Celebuzz 2014 Breakout Star is actor and singer Michael Malarkey! Michael’s fast becoming a fan favorite on The Vampire Diaries and his star is definitely on the rise. His TVD character, Enzo, will be back full-time next season and we’re so excited! We can’t wait to see what Enzo’s up to in season six!

We were lucky enough to talk to Michael about TVD and its amazing cast, he even dished about hanging with co-star Ian Somerhalder! Plus, Michael also gave us the inside scoop on his new music! Check out the interview below to get all of the details!

Celebuzz: First of all congratulations on being upgraded to series regular on the next season of TVD, were you pretty excited when you got the news?

Michael Malarkey: Oh he** yeah! I basically was doing the guest star thing and flying back and forth from London. So for that purpose alone it’s nice to know where I’m going to be for the next year, instead of just bouncing back and forth. It’s kind of a long flight. But I’m over the moon to be a part of such a well established and respected TV show.

CB: What can we expect from Enzo on season six?

MM: Well you’re going to get his same old mischievousness as well as his sense of loyalty. It kind of travels the line between good and evil a little bit. I’ve read about the first six episodes and there’s some really good stuff coming up.

CB: I know the fans love the friendship with Damon and Enzo, are you close with Ian Somerhalder in real life?

MM: Oh yeah, Ian’s great. We get along like a house on fire. Sometimes after wrap, if we’ve been working together we’ll drop back into his house and play guitar or have a glass of wine and just shoot the sh*t, excuse the expression. Yeah, we get along great, he’s a really caring and lovely fella.

CB: When you first joined the cast, were you nervous because it was a well-established show or did you feed off of that energy?

MM: To be honest I didn’t really think too hard about it. I just got the scripts and sat at home and started creating this character and got to set. The thing is, this cast in particular is very close. But they’re not close in the kind of secret club kind of close. They’re really open and the fact that I came in and was warmly embraced into that closeness says a lot about how special this cast is. But I felt a part of things right away so that was great, it was special.

CB: Social media is a big part of TVD’s success. Do you like to interact with fans on Twitter and Instagram?

MM: It’s something I’ve grown accustomed to. It wasn’t something that something came naturally initially. I was encouraged to join Twitter, I wasn’t a part of Twitter before the show. So I kind of took to it, slightly tentatively at first (laughs) and now it’s kind of at the point where it’s kind of second nature. I try to tweet everyday at least and share things about what’s going on with the show as well as my random thoughts and odd comments and information about my music because I’m a musician as well. I’ll be releasing an EP very soon in the next few months. It will be my first release really.

CB: When did you first start your music career? Were you always singing and playing the guitar when you were younger?

MM: I kind of grew up on punk rock and hardcore music and ska and that kind of scene. I used to go to so many shows and Warped Tour and all those alternative kind of gigs. I probably used to imagine being in a punk band a lot but I never actually thought I would be. But then one day in high school me and my friend Jesse were watching this talent show and in between the acts there was this group of kids two years below us that created a punk band. We watched them play and we were like, “We could do that!” And I look over at Jesse and I was like, “Well we should! Why don’t we start a band?!” And he was like, “Alright I’ll play drums.” And I was like, “I’m gonna sing.” So that was where the first band was born, we gradually got instruments and got a few guys together and started playing. So I sang and screamed and did whatever with that band and then I moved to another band. Then throughout that time with the other band called Shady Side I spent about five years recording and playing shows and I learned to play guitar during that time. I was just a singer and I thought it would be better if I could play too. So then I grew out of that and just started playing my own folk music, so that’s what I’ve been doing up until now as just a little hobby.

CB: Who would you say are some of your musical inspirations? Who do you look up to?

MM: Tom Waits is a huge inspiration to me. Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds, Leonard Cohen. All these greats that have good lyrics, I’m a sucker for good lyrics. So my stuff is very lyrically driven and folk style, in the vain of kind of Mumford & Sons and The National kind of vibe. Although I’m not nearly as good as them, I do kind of more fingerpicking type stuff.

CB: On the acting side, is there any actor you would like to work with in the future?

MM: I would love to work with Tom Hardy, I think he’s got this great energy. He always makes really good choices and I just think he would be great to work with. And if Paul Newman wasn’t deceased, rest in peace, I would’ve loved to work with him too, he’s on one of my biggest inspirations.

Be sure to check out The Vampire Diaries when it returns to the CW on Thursday, Oct. 2! Plus, Michael tells us that they’re looking to release his music in November!