Channing Tatum Wants to Graze Your Dick

Channing Tatum is ready to graze your dick, apparently.

The actor just posted a video informing people about “The Dick Graze.” Channing goes on to demonstrate TDG and it’s all to promote the release of 22 Jump Street on iTunes and digital! Channing’s co-star from the film, Jillian Bell, even joins him in the video. Check it out and get ready to LOL!

If there’s two things we love in life, it’s Channing Tatum and the movie 22 Jump Street. So, this video is pretty much making our day.

If you’re a Channing fan, this video has everything for you. From Channing dancing to Channing rapping, this is the video of your dreams. You really can’t miss this!

After you watch the video, let us know your thoughts! What do you think about the #DrickGraze? Sound off in the comments!

Plus, you can pre-order 22 Jump Street on iTunes now! It’s available on digital on Oct. 28!