Miley Cyrus’ Mom Says They Twerk During Saturday Morning Breakfast

Miley Cyrus takes getting naked to a whole new world.
If you ever wondered where Miley Cyrus’ twerking skills came from… She got it from her mama!

And while the controversial, often topless star may have claimed to be over that phase, her mom Tish Cyrus says they still twerk together… In the kitchen, during Saturday morning breakfast–I mean, where else?

“Every Saturday morning when we are making breakfast, we twerk in the kitchen,” she said at Sunday’s Noble by William Rast presentation. “It’s so much fun!”

As weird as that might be, it seems Tish is used to her daughter’s crazy ways–even when they stir up controversy.

“I think that anybody that is interesting and takes risks is always going to be a target,” she expresses about her daughter taking heat from the press.  “They talked about her cutting her hair off, and now everybody is cutting their hair off and shaving half their heads.”

Despite the wild press and becoming known simply as “Miley’s Mom,” Tish says she’s incredibly proud of her daughter.

“You Know, I joke about it [changing] from being ‘Billy Cyrus’ wife to ‘Miley Cyrus’ mom.'” she says playfully.  “But no, not really.  I am proud of her–she is my child!”

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