Miranda Cosgrove: How to Dress for Football Season

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Football season has officially begun!  The first couple games kicked off last week and the very first Monday Night Football of the season launches tonight.

Now I know a lot of us ladies are big football fans, but sometimes dressing for the occasion can be a bit rough.  Like, how do you manage to look hot while wearing a jersey to a game?  Or what’s the protocol for dressing for viewing parties at home?

Well thanks to the iCarly and Despicable Me star Miranda Cosgrove we’re going to gain some insight on all of the fashion dos and don’ts of football season!

As the ambassador for NFL Tweens/Juniors Apparel line (all of the items are available at NFLShop.com), Cosgrove knows a thing or two about dressing for football.  When it comes to watching a game at home, she sticks to a cozier outfit, like jeans and a comfortable t-shirt.

“One of the cool things about wearing shirts with your favorite team on it is that you can do whatever you want with it,” she explains.  “At home, I probably would put jeans with [a team shirt] and something really comfortable.”

However, when getting ready to attend a game in-person, she steps things up a notch.  She likes rocking her team shirt (she’s a 49ers fan) with a leather skirt, boots and jewelry.  Also, since she’s currently attending the University of Southern California, she says a pair of converse is a must-have for tailgating on-campus before the big game.

Cosgrove is currently in her third year at USC, working toward a degree in cinema–which is rare to see out of a child star.  When I asked her how she’s managed to stay on a straight path–unlike other celebs her age–throughout her rise to fame, she credits her family, her close friendships and her desire to go to college from the start.

“When I originally started [in the industry] when I was little, eventually I always wanted to go to college,” she explains.  “Even when I started auditioning for commercials my parents were always like ‘Oh, that would be good because you can put some money away for college.'”

She also adds that being so close with her parents and maintaining the same friends since elementary school have helped keep her on track… Including, keeping her name out of the headlines during the leaked nude photo scandal last week when many of her Nickelodeon colleagues and people in her age group found themselves involved.

“It sucks that we live in a world where people can hack into your personal accounts.  It’s such an invasion of privacy,” she says in advising younger kids about internet safety.  “But I guess, now that we do, the best thing to do would be to not take pictures that you are not going to want to be seen.”

Check out NFLShop.com to see more items that are available to help show your pride for your favorite team!