Paris Hilton’s Footlong Adventure

Get your mind out of the gutter! Paris Hilton went to Subway, and that’s the only footlong we’re talking about here. If you were expecting to see something filthy, move along. Go on, shoo! But check out today’s winning captions before you leave, please.

“That’s not a foot long, I know 12 inches when I see it and that’s not it.” – Leslie

“Does that bread have carbs?” – Stacy

“How many calories in a half a slice of cucumber?” – Lori

“I want just one piece of lettuce.” - Tiffany

“(toasted) Thats hot” – Kate

“Nope no bread… No cheese… Yup just the lettuce with lite dressing please. It’s my cheat day.” – Morgan

“Is butter a carb?” – Hayley

“Jalapeños that’s hot” – Sarah

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