Putting Drake’s Face on Wheelchair Signs is Now a Trend Called ‘Draking’

Drake & Chris Brown
The former enemies were spotted in the studio together.
People in Toronto have been seeing a lot of Drake’s face in the last few days, on wheelchair signs!

Journalist/blogger Lauren O’Neill confirmed that she and her boyfriend are responsible for starting this trend. They began putting pictures of Drake’s face on handicapped wheelchair signs to reference his former Degrassi character Jimmy Brooks aka “Wheelchair Jimmy.” On the show, Drake’s character was shot and had to use a wheelchair as a result!

Images of the signs started appearing on Imgur last week and now “draking” is really taking off. If you’re in Toronto, have you seen any of the signs?

Lauren told Buzzfeed that her boyfriend made the Drake stickers and they began their “draking” to  “make people smile.” Aw!

Fun fact, Toronto is Drake’s hometown, so it’s nice that people wanted to show him some love. We hope Drake sees the “draking” trend. A picture of him with one of the signs would be epic!

What do you think of this new trend? Are you a Degrassi fan? Sound off in the comments!

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