Zac Efron: Street Figther or Street ~*~Art Dancer~*~?

Zac Efron was filming a fight scene for an upcoming movie, but is it fighting? Or is it simply a beautiful man doing a beautiful dance? Such grace. Much wow. Many inspirations for today’s winning captions.

“‘Cause this is thriller, thriller night” – Analene

“To the left to the left!” - Chloe

“This is how we do it!!!” – Suzanne

“Soulja boy up in this OHHH!!!” – Nicole

“My name is Frank en stein!” - Barbara

“Then u hokie pokie and u turn ur self around that’s what its all about!!!!!!” – Shani


“White men can’t dance!!!” – Kelly

“It’ the monster mash…it was a graveyard smash…!!” – Lenore

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