Justin Bieber Strips Down to the Sound of Boos During ‘Fashion Rocks’ Show

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Justin Bieber loves ditching his shirt.
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Apparently, the best way to get out of a sticky situation is by removing one’s shirt.

Justin Bieber, who hit the stage at Fashion Rocks Tuesday night, did just that when he was met with jeers at the annual charity fundraiser. In order to “silence” those haters, the 20-year-old decided there was no better time to get naked than during a televised event in which hundreds of audience members are simultaneously booing you because, um, douchebag reasons.

The “Baby” singer later explained his decision to strip alongside a fan-shot Vine video of (ugh) his crotch on Twitter, writing:

Hmm, I guess Biebs took some TV pointers from Chris Brown’s shirtless Good Morning America tirade.

Watch the whole awkwardness unfold in the video below.