Lorde Covers ‘Elle’ Magazine, Talks About Her ‘Fearsome Reputation’

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If there’s one thing we know about Lorde, it’s that she’s not afraid to speak her mind. She tells it like it is and we love that!

Lorde’s on the cover of October’s Elle and she talks to the magazine all about standing up for herself. The singer also addresses her “fearsome reputation” and reveals how she’s handling being famous at such a young age. Get the inside scoop below!

Whether it’s in an interview or through a song, Lorde definitely knows how to express herself. She speaks from the heart and doesn’t try to be anything she’s not, which why she’s a great role model for young fans around the world. Lorde told Elle, “People have told me that I’ve helped them feel confident, like they can say things they want to say. They can talk about feminism in class without people calling them a lesbian. That’s so amazing that I can make someone feel like that.”


Lorde also talked about standing up for herself, telling the magazine, “A lot of times when people meet me, they’ll definitely try to make me feel young or inexperienced. Like, ‘It’s all taken care of.’ Teenagers are such a discerning group of people. They’ll immediately sniff out anything that feels contrived. I’m, like, constantly scanning myself to see if I’m some corporate executive version of a teenager. I’ve developed something of a fearsome reputation. People know that if you talk down to me, I will roll my eyes or whatever.”

We often forget that Lorde’s only a teenager. At 17, her sound is so mature and she’s accomplished so much that it can be easy to forget her age. It can’t be easy though to deal with the fame at such a young age, but Lorde’s definitely learning. She revealed, “It’s very specific. I have definitely learned how to be flexible. Before, I would just be like, ‘F**k it.’ I have such a strong idea of what is cool and great for me. If I think something is sh*t, I express that. But now the circle of people I work with all the time is huge and spans continents, and you have to be quite conscientious. So it’s, like, learning not to hurt people’s feelings. Obviously, I am hanging out with more people now who are not teenage; I’m in different circles. But I am a teenager. My brain is, like, a certain age. Everyone is talking about you. You have to learn not to care as much.”

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