Mila Kunis Gets Pink Manicure: Is Her Baby Girl On the Way?

Mila & Ashton Having a Girl
Sources say the stars will welcome a mini Mila.

Mila Kunis was spotted in Sherman Oaks, Calif. on Wednesday afternoon, and she looks just about ready to pop, showing off her ever-growing baby bump in a tight black tank top and sweats.

But it wasn’t just her tummy that caught our eye…

The 31-year-old expecting mom was spotted leaving a nail salon, and we couldn’t but notice she chose a baby pink nail polish to rock on her digits… Which could mean a few things: Either a) she just felt like getting pink nails; b) she’s just as obsessed with Essie’s Fiji hue as we are; orrrrrr c) she’s getting ready to welcome her baby girl!!

Most often, moms want to make sure they’re looking camera-ready to give birth to their first child, and Mila, knowing full-well she’ll be snapping lots of photos holding her daughter, probably decided to get a perfectly pink manicure to make sure those pictures turn out extra adorable.

Okay, okay! I know. This is a total assumption, but hey! It’s not too far off.  I mean, she and Ashton Kutcher should be expecting their baby any day now.

Can’t wait to tell you all I’m right! In the meantime, launch the gallery above to see more photos of the preggers Mila!