NYFW Spring ’15: Model Dorian Reeves Talks Pre-Show Rituals and Justin Bieber’s Drop-Crotch Pants

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New York Fashion Week is upon and Celebuzz caught up with male model Dorian Reeves to pick his mind about the annual fashion blowout. Hailing from Canada, the 6-foot-5 hunk has walked the runway for designers like Martin Keehn and Malan Breton and appeared in Vogue Italia

So, how is he handling NYFW? Here’s your look at what going on inside a model’s mind.

Celebuzz: It’s Fashion Week — what are you most looking forward to seeing or who are you most looking forward to meeting?

Dorian Reeves: The biggest thing I look forward to is seeing all my friends. I’ve got a lot of friend from South America and Europe and places like that that I haven’t seen all year, so they fly into New York just for Fashion Week. I see them everyday at the casting. I also look forward to seeing the fashionistos and fashionistas walking outside.

CB: What are some pre-show rituals that you can share with us?

DR: I spend a lot of my time listening to music. If you see me backstage, I’m more than likely to have a pair of headphones on with my eyes closed. And I’ll definitely have a coffee in my hand.

CB: What do you think about when you’re walking down the runway?

DR: It’s nerve-wrecking but I love it. As you become a veteran, it becomes more of something you look forward to as opposed to be something you’re nervous of. I like more of the excitement and that’s what keeps me going, so if there’s a celebrity like Kanye West in the crowd, I’m going to be looking forward to that. I look forward to more bigger crowds.

CB: Who are some of your biggest fashion role models?

DR: To be honest, ever since I started modeling a few years ago, I’ve always looked up to the model Baptiste Giabiconi. He’s got the body, the hair, and the face. And Ralph Lauren as well!

CB:Speaking of getting your start in modeling, what made you want to become a model?

DR: I got into modeling by going into my mother’s agency on my own time. I’ve always modeled. I have always played dress-up as a kid. I have tons of pictures that my mom sends of me putting on all these outfits. It was like my favorite thing and now I’m getting paid to do so.

CB: So, what is one fashion trend that you can’t stand then?

To be honest, it’s going to be the drop-crotch pants. Though some people can pull it off quite well, I myself cannot. If I’m wearing them, I have to take them off right away. That’s the fashion trend I can’t stand.

CB: Those are the pants that Justin Bieber always wears, right?

DR: Yeah, but Justin Bieber looks cool in them so I’m okay with him wearing them.

CB:What’s one fashion rule you find yourself constantly breaking?

I’ve heard that you’re not allowed to wear black pants with brown shoes, and I break that rule on a daily basis. I don’t know. I don’t think it looks bad but according to the fashionistos, it’s a fashion law.

CB: What did you have for breakfast this morning?

This morning, I had a green smoothie with celery, romaine lettuce, kale, spinach, apple, pear, banana, lemon juice and ginger. I have that every morning along with tofu and some cooked mushrooms.It makes you feel good and that’s the better part.