Ryan Phillippe Writes Sweet Message on Daughter Ava’s Birthday

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Ryan Phillippe brings awareness to New Guinea with a new film.
How time flies.

Ryan Phillippe and Reese Witherspoon’s daughter Ava turned 15 years old yesterday. And in honor of his little girl’s birthday, Mr. Phillippe (who turns the big 4-0 today) took to Twitter to share the sweetest message ever.

Phillippe, who goes by Old Peezy on the social media site these days, wrote in a series of tweets:

15 yrs ago today, was my last on, “The Way of the Gun”. A helicopter waited off set to transport me from the “Mexican brothel” in Utah to Cedars Sinai in Beverly Hills. With my stomach in knots, exhausted & dirty, covered in syrupy fake blood & shards of candy glass the heli found the pad and I was taken to an area to sterilize myself. I made it to my then wife’s bedside w/ two hours to spare beforemy baby girl first entered the world. 15 years ago I learned what love truly is

Take five to dry those tears of yours. Then reward yourself with the gallery, above. (It’s full of Ryan Phillippe photos).