What It’s Like to Shower With Becky G

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If you’ve been alive at all this summer, Becky G‘s song “Shower” has totally gotten stuck in your head at least five times.

The song is her first big single in her musical career, and since she writes from personal experience, I couldn’t help but ask about what it’s actually like showering with the up-and-coming pop star.

Obviously, my first and most important question was whether or not “Shower” was her go-to jam when she’s singing in the shower… It’s not.  Becky G admitted her shower-time classic is “Waterfalls” by TLC–perhaps because her most favorite shower experience was a waterfall-like shower at a fancy resort she visited… Or because one of her dream collaborations would be with TLC.  We may never know.

But one thing is for sure: She won’t be singing Chumbawamba‘s “I Get Knocked Down” because during her absolute worst shower experience, she fell down and brought the entire shower curtain with her… And she did not get back up again. (Just kidding, I actually wasn’t there so I don’t know, but I’m sure she eventually got made it back up or else how would she sing about showers?).

Another interesting tidbit about Becky G’s shower style is that she prefers what most people deeply despise: the dreadful, slippery bar soap over body wash (I know, right?!).  But she has a secret trick for making sure it doesn’t slip out of her hands as she’s cleansing… Her must-have shower essential: a scrub glove, which helps her hold the soap more easily.

Aside from showering and singing, Becky G has a couple other interests, too.  When she’s not on the road performing or recording music, she loves eating, sleeping and playing catch with her brothers.  In fact, her family is is her motivation for staying on track and succeeding in her music career.

“My family is everything and my sense of normality,” she told me.  “My life is so crazy, and it’s going through this whole complete 180 transition where I’m so busy and traveling to all these places, and it can get kind of stressful, and it can be really time consuming.  And finally when I’m home, nobody treats me any different.  I’m not Becky G; I’m just Becky.”

She adds, “I get to clean my house, and sleep and eat and be in my pajamas and just hang out with my siblings and be a big sister. And I feel like that’s really important and that’s never going to stop for me because my family plays such a big part in my life.”

And while her family plays a big part in her staying grounded, she knows she won’t let herself become another Justin Bieber story either.

“I feel very strongly about how I want to treat people and how I want to be treated, and I feel like it’s really important to stay focused and wake up every morning like you haven’t done anything.”

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