Attention: ‘Gilmore Girls’ is Coming to Netflix

'Gilmore' Flashback
Here's Melissa McCarthy in an ancient 'Gilmore Girls' scene.
Now that you’ve finished re-watching all six season of Dawson’s Creek on Netflix, get ready to relive another CW favorite.

The Decider is reporting that Netflix will release all seven seasons of Gilmore Girls starting Oct. 1.

No word on whether or not Rory and Lorelai Gilmore will follow the footsteps of Dawson Leery and company in terms of the theme song. (Netflix’s Dawson’s Creek uses a Jann Arden track instead of Paula Cole’s “I Don’t Want to Wait” because of licensing issues).

In any event, I will gather all the strength in the world to avoid binge re-watching Gilmore Girls. But the cold months are approaching, so who knows…

Here’s a clip from my favorite episode, “Say Goodnight Gracie.”

[GIF courtesy of Tumblr]