Chris Brown’s Posse Involved In Another Bar Brawl: Report

Chris' Post-Jail Bash
Inside Chris Brown's welcome home party.
Okay, there are two things that need to happen ASAP: Chris Brown needs to ditch his entourage, and bars need to stop letting Chris Brown onto their property. Period.

The troubled crooner’s posse reportedly got into yet another bar brawl early Thursday morning when Brown was hosting a New York Fashion Week party at New York City’s VIP Room.

Bottles were allegedly flying when the hip-hop singer’s crew started fighting with a group sitting at a table nearby, according to a New York Post Page Six report. One source told the publication that an individual involved suffered a serious eye injury after getting hit in the face during the altercation.

The incident comes just two years after Brown scuffled with Drake’s entourage at a separate Big Apple nightclub, where fight broke out over the two star’s mutual ex-girlfriend, Rihanna. Many involved in the scuffle were injured, including Brown himself and NBA star Tony Parker.

So far, no arrests have been made in connection with the latest brawl.

UPDATE 1:25 PM EST: Brown has since denied his involvement in the incident, writing on Twitter:

Here is the statement which was released by R. Couri Hay who represents VIP Room:

“Chris Brown came to VIP ROOM for a Fashion Week Party that the singer hosted on Wednesday, September 10th. Brown and a group of his friends were seated to the right of the DJ booth. An incident unrelated to Chris Brown occurred between two patrons, approximately 50 feet away from Brown and his group.

At approximately 2:45am, a male patron, who has yet to be identified, attempted to pour a beer over another person. It’s our understanding that a bottle of beer shattered on a column and a shard of glass caused a minor laceration to another patron’s eye. The guest with the injury left the venue without notifying club management or security. Security promptly removed the patron who had been holding the beer bottle from the club. No arrests were made.

Chris Brown was completely oblivious to the incident and had nothing to do with what transpired nor was he or any of his group affected in anyway. VIP ROOM is cooperating with the police and their investigation.”

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