George Clooney’s Going to Be on ‘Downton Abbey’ (Sort Of)

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Remember this 'Downton Abbey' photo fail?
Remember when George Clooney and his fiancée Amal Alamuddin paid a visit to that castle from Downton Abbey?

While we were all obsessing over the possibility of the property — Highclere Castle in Hampshire — being a wedding venue, it looks like Mr. Clooney was actually filming scenes for the popular TV show.

The 53-year-old actor’s guest spot is part of a one-off sketch for a charity show called Text Santa, set to air around Christmas time, an ITV spokesperson told PEOPLE this week. Clooney will reportedly play a wedding guest.

Some Downton related trivia: Clooney and Lord Gratham (Hugh Bonneville) appeared together in the drama Monuments Men.

Launch the gallery, above, for some of George Clooney’s best looks.

[Lead photo courtesy of Splash News Online]