Khloé Kardashian May or May Not Have Subtweeted French Montana After Split

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Tweeter, tweeter on the wall, who’s the shadiest of them all?

If reports are to be believed, Khloé Kardashian recently ended things with her boyfriend of several months, French Montana. Following the surfacing of that news, Khloé tweeted out some “quotes” that many of her followers interpreted to be thinly-veiled digs at the rapper.

Earlier this morning, Khloé tweeted the following messages:

This second one, in particular, seems curiously timed with rumors about her breakup with French becoming inescapable (and seemingly legitimate):


Khloé has not actually responded to the rumors that she and French are no longer dating, because it wouldn’t be a news cycle without the “vague rumor phase.” Once fans began tweeting their dissapointment at her for being shady, she backtracked, claiming people were reading too much into the “quotes” she shared:


Khloé, in an effort to move on, then asked her followers to tweet her their favorite quotes. Because, again, Khloé was simply tweeting the words of others, and she certainly never intended for these tweets to be interpreted (and written about) as shady digs despite the fact everyone was talking about her alleged breakup.

So that’s settled. However, Khloé might want to let her sister, Kim Kardashian, know that “adults don’t subtweet.”