Kris Jenner Snaps Selfie With Miley Cyrus: See Her Many Other Celebrity Selfies

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Kendall Jenner's many, many selfies.
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When worlds collide…

Two of the most famous last names in Hollywood collided when Kris Jenner ran into Miley Cyrus at the singer’s art show during New York Fashion Week Wednesday night… So of course, Kris Jenner couldn’t help but snap a selfie to capture the “epic” moment.”

I call it “epic” because pretty much every time Kris takes a selfie with another celebrity, she uses the hashtag #epic… That or she can’t stop going on and on about how much she LOVES that person! (She apparently has a lot of love for a lot of people).

Case in point: She captioned the photo of her and Miley, “I love you too @mileycyrus !!!!!! #dirtyhippie.”

I get it though. Kris just wants to be the cool mom, guys… You know, the type of mom that let’s you drink so long it’s under her roof… Or encourages her daughter to sell her sex tape (hey! It made Kim famous, right?). So she takes a lot of photos with a lot of famous people! It’s all in the name of cool, don’t you see?

Launch the gallery above to see all the celebrities she’s snapped #epic selfies with.