NYFW Spring ’15: Model Justin Hopwood Talks His Fashion Mentor Harry Styles And His Obsession With Sloths

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Not only does New York Fashion Week open it’s doors a slew of celebrities from around the world and show off the absolute hottest styles for the upcoming seasons, but it also opens our imaginations to thoughts we can’t speak on publicly about the incredibly attractive male models on the runway.

With that, let me introduce one of them: Justin Hopwood.

The six-foot-one model hails from a farm in Milnerton, South Africa before he made his big move to New York in 2010 to become a rapid success in the industry, working for popular brands such as Ralph Lauren, Abercrombie & Fitch, Nautica and more.

With dirty blonde hair, blue eyes and a super hunky accent, he’s pretty much perfection. Not to mention, he’s also an animal lover and an outdoorsy dude… And we’re letting you into his beautiful mind during Spring ’15 NYFW:

Celebuzz: It’s Fashion Week — what are you most looking forward to seeing or who are you most looking forward to meeting?

Justin Hopwood: New York during fashion week is pretty cool–just the city in general. It’s a very stylish two weeks that the city kind of changes for. In terms of designers, I have to stay faithful with Ralph Lauren… I’m [also] looking forward to a seeing couple friends that are flying in just for fashion week.

CB: What are some pre-show rituals that you can share with us?

JH: Don’t drink the night before or the day of the show! No one likes to see someone who’s all messed up… I mean, it’s a big like catch up session with the guys and everyone talks about their stories. New York Fashion Week kind of brings together a lot of people that you wouldn’t normally see throughout the year. [But as for] pre-show rituals, is just kind of taking it easy, having a coffee, having a chat with a bunch of friends and catching up.

CB: What do you think about when you’re walking down the runway?

JH: When I’m walking down the runway? Not to fall! I’m thinking ‘Don’t fall. Stand up straight.’ And I try not to blink too many times… You don’t want your eyes closed for your final shot. And just to keep the serious face, which is sometimes hard when you see your buddy walking back.

CB: Who are some of your biggest fashion role models?

JH: Me, personally, my style is very relaxed, very less is more. I like skinny black jeans or whatever it is. It doesn’t have to be very fancy–a white t-shirt or whatever it is and a hat. I really like Harry Styles. He’s got a cool style. He’s got that kind of, like, young, rock-n-roll, hip–I can relate a lot to him in term of how I dress day-to-day.

CB: What did you have for breakfast this morning?

JH: I had a banana and then oats. It’s normally a go-to. It gets my through the first three hours of the day.

CB: What has been your biggest change that you’ve had to get accustomed to since moving to the US?

JH: The winter! I am not accustomed to that. In South Africa, we do not get snow. I mean, the first time I saw snow was in New York. When I first came here, it was January, and I was walking around in sneakers in piles of snow. It took me a while to get my gear and have clothes for the winter. I just had hoodies and stuff like that so at first it was brutal.

CB: Okay, so I noticed on your Instagram that you post a lot of photos of animals.

JH: Yeah, my friends rag on me about it, but I am a huge, huge animal activist. I was actually born on a farm… So animals were a huge part of my life, and I think they’re damn cute! So whenever I find beautiful pictures of animals or baby whatever–giraffe or pug–it really makes me smile. I always spend the first hour of my morning going through animal stuff just laughing. I think it’s refreshing!

CB: So what’s your favorite animal?

JH: I would say the sloth. I know! I’m going through the sloth phase… But a sloth is a beautiful thing! They’re just like chill and super slow and they just look super innocent.

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